2021: and now?

2021: and now?

2020 is behind us and yet still so present in our daily lives at the beginning of 2021.

This will undoubtedly be the year of rebuilding our economies, of accepting remote work and distance learning with increasingly data-intensive digital tools, and also the year that will perhaps finally usher in this collective awareness of the challenges of digital security and sovereignty. The companies we work with on a daily basis are clearly demanding better control over their customers' data, so that it can be used for more purposes. Europe's political decision-makers are getting restless with the recent publication of the Data Governance Act, which finally foreshadows the end of the era where the citizen is the product.

A look back at our 2020 highlights

We have taken incredible steps this year with your support:

  • Two new applications have been integrated in your Cozy to offer you more uses and control: Pass, a French and open source password manager and Notes, a collaborative text editor
  • Nearly 70,000 data-conscious individuals have already adopted a personal cloud
  • A partnership that we are really proud of was created with CEMEA and the support of Secours Populaire Français, the Afnic Foundation, the Samu Social de Paris and Framasoft to fight against digital exclusion
  • A partnership with Gandi allows their customers to create a Cozy space on their own domain. You will stay because you can leave.
  • Cozy Cloud has been rewarded by the NGO MyData as MyDataOperator
  • Cozy was chosen as the data platform for its energy savings service offered at the Data Challenge thanks to Métropole Grand Lyon
  • Cozy Cloud is not the only alternative to offer personal data store as Sir Tim Berners Lee has published a new version of Solid, personal data store for businesses
  • The European Commission published Data Governance guidelines that provide for a regulated trusted third party status
  • Our projects in the education field will continue in 2021 with even more features to accompany distance learning for students and teachers of the Academy of Rennes.

All these events contribute to the achievement of our mission: democratizing the digital home.

Our last developments

  • A password management application Cozy Pass
  • A text editor Cozy Notes
  • New banks and the possibility to create recurring operations in Cozy Banks
  • Connectors developed by our community
  • Constant improvements and optimizations for the synchronization application with your computer.
  • A simpler and more intuitive design in Cozy Drive to encourage content sharing and the remote work

We continue to believe that it is possible to manage your personal data with a single tool. This is why we are constantly working to make our solution more complete and simple to use.

What we are planning for yoU

As there's a first time for everything. Here is our roadmap for the first months of 2021:


Moving your Cozy
From now on, you can move your Cozy to another provider at any time without losing data.
Moving your Cozy is more than a data export, you can take it with you in one click :

  • all your data (so you don't forget anything)
  • your applications and configurations (so you don't have to reconfigure anything)
  • your shares and contacts (so you don't lose your network)
  • more than data portability, service portability! (everything without exception)

Drive: Certified document management
Today, your Cozy allows you to retrieve your documents such as invoices and contracts from the client area of your online site. We go further by offering you to certify all the documents coming from the official website. A guarantee of security and conformity for all your administrative procedures!

Notes : An editor enriched with images and other collaborative features*.
At the beginning of 2020, we launched a Cozy Notes text editor that was acclaimed by our users but remained in its beta version. We decided to add value to it by adding collaborative features.

Desktop: Selective Synchronization
You have been waiting for it... for a long time and it finally arrives! Soon, you will be able to choose which folders in your Cozy will be synchronized with your computer.

Mobile: Augmented pdf viewer
The idea is to give you a new experience when you open a pdf from your web or mobile application.

Security: Access protection by pin code, touch ID and face ID.

Office suite: Integration Only Office
Do you have an office suite?, I can't leave Google Drive if you don't have an office suite, I can't leave Google Drive if you don't have an office suite, I can't leave Google Drive if you don't have an office suite... Good news: you will finally leave Google (for real) thanks to the integration of the Only Office suite.

At the same time, we have big plans for you in 2021. Some of them will be tested in the next few days, so get ready to discover them.

To conclude...but it is just the beginning

We wish you all a wonderful year. Thank you for your time during this crazy year, your support, your encouragement and your enthusiasm for the announcement of the new applications. Enjoy every moment.
From far away on our cozy cloud.

The Cozy Cloud team.

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Crédits photo : Photo by Moritz Knöringer on Unsplash