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Gandi: a new hosting provider for your Cozy

"You will stay because you can leave". This has been our promise from the beginning: giving you the choice of hosting your personal cloud. Today, we offer you a new host for your Cozy : Gandi. A new step for Cozy Cloud in its mission to democratize the personal cloud.

Gandi and Cozy Cloud, shared values

An ethical French player

Why Gandi ? Gandi is a French player whose reputation is not to be proven. It has been providing an ethical and respectful service to its customers for 20 years (which it is currently celebrating at 🎉). It is therefore a logical and ideal partner, with whom Cozy Cloud **shares values and a common goal: allowing users to regain control of their data for more use and security.

Un partenariat pour démocratiser le cloud personnel

If you own a domain name at Gandi, you can install Cozy from the list of applications offered in the marketplace tab of your domain's management interface.

This is an opportunity for Cozy Cloud to propose its personal cloud to a wider audience, concerned about their personal data and more broadly their online privacy. The adoption of the personal cloud by the greatest number of people and the re-appropriation of their data by the individual, the only legitimate person to manage their own data, requires the multiplication of partnerships with trusted third parties who share the same vision of an ethical digital world.

Three hosts and one Cozy...

Cozy's software code is free, which has 2 radical consequences.

First, experts can audit the code: no black box effect like a proprietary platform. Then it gives each one the choice of its host :

  • Gandi: If you have a Gandi domain name, you can choose Gandi as your Cozy's host. Your data will thus always be hosted in France by a trusted third party that you have chosen.

  • Cozy Cloud: Your data is hosted in France, at the largest European hosting company, OVH

  • On your own server : if you have the technical skills, you can host your Cozy on your server or ask a trusted third party to do it for you.


How does it work?

Install your Cozy on your Gandi domain name

With Gandi, your Cozy will be accessible on your domain via a pre-configured address, for example cozy.claudedouye.fr (here, claudedouye.fr as the domain name). To create it and take advantage of your 5GB of free storage right away, follow the guide: the installation is particularly simple.

Prerequisite : have a domain name at Gandi

  • Go to the overall view of your domain.
  • Go to the Marketplace tab.
  • Select the Cozy service
  • Click on "Create a free cozy"
  • Then accept the contracts

An activation email is then sent to you:

  • Click on the activation link
  • Set your password
  • It's ready: you're about to reappropriate your data for more control and comfort!

If you already have a Cozy and you want to migrate it to your Gandi domain name

This is the next step in our developments with Gandi: allowing a simple migration from your old Cozy to the new one hosted by Gandi, and a general public offer for the purchase of the domain name. A little more patience!

Services that can adapt to your daily life


New Cozy users will benefit from all the applications available to date:

  • Drive: backup files, synchronize with different devices (Mac, PC, Linux, Android and iOS) and share these files.

  • Banks: allows to gather in a synthetic view its various bank accounts (more than 50 banks are already available). Cozy makes the link in one click to the bills or informs you of the reimbursements of an expense by Ameli or by your complementary health insurance. Administrative follow-up is simplified

  • Notes: allows you to create your notes, save them and find them in the blink of an eye in your Cozy. Share ideas with whoever you want in a secure space

  • Pass: This password manager, integrated into your personal cloud, simplifies and secures your online activity. Passwords for all your online accounts are stored, backed up and synchronized. No more passwords on Post-it!

  • Store: lists more than 150 online services and all the applications you need to connect to your Cozy.

  • Contact: starting point of your deGAFAisation, allows you to import your contacts from Google.

Call to the Gandi community

What if you were to develop a connector to retrieve your Gandi invoices in your personal cloud?

Get started with our official documentation and allow all new Gandi users to retrieve their Gandi invoices in their personal cloud with just one click.

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