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Product update

Spring has sprung and brings a lot of new features to your Cozy. For those of you joining us here, Cozy is the French open source personal data platform that lets you control your data in one place.

Spoiler: a hint about the next big feature of Cozy has been added into this article.

What's new?

Cozy Drive

Sync application for your files


This is it: it's here. The most anticipated feature is now available in all Cozy. Did you guess it?
It makes many of our users happy and so are we.

I really appreciate the team's efforts in developing selective sync, and I congratulate them on a job well done. The ability to sync differently on different computers is exceptional.
And most of all, I am very touched by your efficiency in keeping track of and contacting a conversation that was over a year old. The fact that you were kind enough to come back to me after so long is exceptionally commendable, and I thank you for it.
Thanks again, and congratulations for your work and the service you provide.

Erwan, our Full Stack engineer behind the selective synchronization developments, tells you a bit more(in French).

Of course, Claude has written some support in our FAQ.

Mobile application

If you are a share link user in your Cozy, we have just deployed a new breadcrumb trail, which is more convenient and will now be displayed all the time to make it easier to navigate through any share you have created.

This does not change the rights associated with the link, which remains associated with the directory from which you created it and all its subdirectories.

🔑 Cozy Pass

What do the verbs Unlock and Disconnect have in common?

No, not the letter D...

They have found their right place in your favorite password manager extension.

Can you click the right button to open Pass?

If you are not yet using our password manager, Pass, go to our page to learn more.

From your web browser, install the extension

For mobile users, install the mobile application
🐙 Android
🍏 iOS

And if you're using a computer other than your home computer, Cozy Pass is accessible from your Cozy's web interface.

🗒 Cozy Notes

Notes is still evolving:

  • until now, it was only possible to share a note via a public link. From now on, it is also possible to share it between two Cozy.

  • you can add an image to a note by dragging it from your file manager;

  • in the Notes application, you can see the location of each note;

  • still in the Notes application, you can share from the list of notes, as for the files;

  • the display of this list on a small screen (phone for example) has been improved;

  • when editing a note, the toolbar is now at the bottom of the screen, to lighten the menu at the top of the screen;


I'm told that an office suite will soon appear in Cozy...

🧨 We are hiring

👉 If you are a front developer, this could be interested...

📚 Our press review

(some articles were written by others we support 💙)

🥇 The CO2 Coach application of the Agglomeration of La Rochelle, developed with Cozy Cloud, has been awarded : Digital at the service of a less carbon-intensive mobility. This application helps users visualize their carbon footprint and thus reduce it.

🎥 Presentation of a Cozy Cloud use case with the Academy of Rennes: a student's personal digital space connected to my ENT

New developers have joined our technical team and share their tech watch

Five years after dismantling the hypocritical "I have nothing to hide" argument in Nothing to Hide, filmmaker Marc Meillassoux looks at the concrete steps to take to protect one's privacy on the Internet.

The illusion of free online services and content and the feeling that "it's not so bad after all" encourage us to accept cookies, trackers and abusive terms of use a little too quickly. Pouihou, co-director of Framasoft talks about it here [https://news.gandi.net/fr/2022/01/comment-proteger-ses-donnees-personnelles-interview-framasoft/].

It is well known and massively relayed that digital technology "accelerates the transition to a low-carbon society" and "participates in the fight against global warming". Will the technologies currently being deployed and those to come really have a positive impact on the ecological transition? Conference with Xavier Verne, Engineer, member of the Shift Project to outline answers to these questions.

Brussels publishes the Data Act
The Commission proposes:

  1. to oblige data holders (manufacturers of connected products or online service providers) to make the data generated available to users free of charge ;
  2. companies may be forced, in certain exceptional circumstances, to transmit their data to public institutions and governments;
  3. safeguards against unlawful data transfers by cloud service providers without notification will be put in place.

Yes, but this only concerns data from connected objects, why not generalize it to personal data?

Thanks for reading this article!

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Product update