Product update

Product update

The end of the year is fast approaching and it's time to discover the latest features and settings made in recent weeks on your personal cloud, Cozy!

What's new in your Cozy?

🔑 Cozy Pass: even more details in automatic entry!

Last month, the Cozy Pass extension was enhanced with a function to help you fill in online forms.

  • When you browse an online site, a menu automatically opens up on the input fields of your identifiers, allowing you to select a login/password from a list, either with the mouse or the keyboard.


If you are an user of our password manager and would like to help us make it grow, please do not hesitate to answer our online survey.

Install the addon on your web browser

For digital nomads:
🐙 Android
🍏 iOS

🔄 Cozy Drive

Cozy Drive - synchronization application

The version 3.24 fixes some residual issues that occur in rare cases (especially when moving files under MacOS) and paves the way for the developments we have started to work on.

  • Under MacOS, we fixed a bug that prevented some successive moves of the same document, especially if the user has an HFS+ partition and there is an automatic change of the UTF-8 encoding of the path.

  • The permission to execute files under macOS and Linux is kept even when the file is also synchronized on a PC under Windows (which doesn't have this kind of permission).


  • When a local folder and a remote folder of the same name are linked together, the metadata of the remote folder is updated.

  • Storing the local metadata allows us to better detect when a remote change to a file has been saved but not applied to the local disk before a client restart. So we can now do without a backup copy to the local file trash when we decide to apply this remote change.

I can confirm that the features you are waiting for are under development and will arrive beginning 2021.


Cozy Drive - web

The sharing path has been completly reviewed and the team is working to make the experience as fluid as possible. Let's get down to the details:

✨ adding a preview link of the share directly in your Cozy if the Cozy of the sender knows the URL

✨ you can now find out if a folder or document you have shared has been viewed

✨ remove the share request step if the recipient URL is already known

✨ improvement of the sharing window with a separation between the upper part dedicated to sending by e-mail or contact and the lower part dedicated to sharing by link. This makes the modal more airy and clearer.

✨ appearance of a red badge in your Cozy on new shares you have not yet consulted

✨ the share link sent by email (or added in the Cozy) has been shortened

You can find the details of the possibilities on our FAQ.


🧠 How to contribute

Many of you have asked us to contribute to Cozy and help us democratize the personal cloud 🚀🚀

How does it work?

👉 share a piece of code when developing an application or connector to automatically retrieve your data from an online service for our platform.
👉 report your experiences with Cozy on our forum or to Claude
👉 if you are a developer, join our team! We are currently recruiting on the Front side

Thank you for reading this article!