Day One : Cozy Cloud launches Cozy

Day One : Cozy Cloud launches Cozy


Today is a really big day here at Cozy Cloud's headquarters, as we've just announced that Cozy is made available to the general public. No more Beta tag, we're going final! It feels great to say this out loud.

We've held our very first press conference this morning, where we've shared this press release.

What's new?

The Beta tag is gone and Cozy is ready for prime time: everybody can create his personal Cozy instance. Of course, if you were a Beta tester, you'll keep your own instance going forward. Also, we encourage you to recommend Cozy to everyone you know: just tell them to visit [] and click on the blue Get Cozy button.

On top of giving away free Cozy instances, we've proposing to those who want to store a lot of data to get optional disk space. Here is how it works:

  1. a Cozy for free for ever, including 5GB of disk space
  2. a Cozy with 50GB of disk space for 2.99€ a month
  3. a Cozy with 1000GB of disk space for 9.99€ a month.

Furthermore, Cozy is getting more and more features. We're including a new Cozy Banks app, along with connectors that collect your bank records and store them in your Cozy. The Banks app is still in Beta while we make sure that connectors work as intended.

Understanding Cozy to explain what it does

It's not always easy to explain what Cozy does, so we've written these three paragraphs to help:

  1. Cozy is your digital home. It's your own place, with your data in it!
  2. Your Cozy collects your data for you, from third parties so that you can use it easily. How does this work? With connectors that place the data in proper directories
  3. You can trust Cozy and you can control it because it's open source software (so it can be audited) and, if you want and know how to do it properly, you can host it yourself. Oh, it should be obvious by now, but to make sure, we should also mention that Cozy is not analyzing your data nor reselling it.

The beginning of a movement.

Sunday January 28 is the world data protection day. This week, we're celebrating the 40 years of the French Data Protection Authority. On May 25, a new right is going to be created: the right for data portability, thanks to the GDPR. A few days ago, even Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg stated that technology should be decentralized to provide more power to the people. This is exactly what Cozy aims to do, right from day one. I hope that this is the beginning of a movement. To take part in this movement, why don't you open your own Cozy instance? Head over to the Cozy home page and click on the blue Get Cozy button and tell everyone around you!