Tech: the references of our developers

Tech: the references of our developers

Collecting and reveiewing technology news at Cozy Cloud is almost a full-time job. We've also opened a channel in our Mattermost dedicated to this, where no less than 30 new links are posted every day, plus of course as many comments and fascinating debates.
But then, the day before, it takes time and time is very precious in a start up like Cozy Cloud. You have to read, select and share the right article that will really make sense for the work and issues of your colleagues at a specific moment.

In short, I decided to ask my friends whether they are DevOps, DevBack, DevFront or Data Scientist to find out what their references are and share them with you in the hope that it will inspire you or simply help you improve your skills if you are a developer.


Our technology at Cozy Cloud

First of all, what technologies did we use to build the Cozy platform? Python, Go, Javascript, Node.js, React, Redux, Ruby, CouchDB.

If you follow us, you certainly know that we work in an open way. The main source code for what we do is on Github.
90% of our code is open source with >200 Github repositories, >200 deployments per month, 30 commits per day.

More than open source, we maintain documentation to allow everyone to :
- To install their own instance at home
- To develop its own service which will be able to run on its Cozy by easily mobilising any of its data.
- To develop its own connector that will retrieve its data from this or that service to store it on its Cozy.

Here is a list of more than 50 links followed by our tech team.

The websites 🌍

  • Y Combinator - HackerNews :
    The famous HackerNews from Y Combinator that we no longer present...
  • DevBack Lobsters :
    The site followed by our Lead Dev Back, Bruno
    Sort of medium but tech oriented and mostly open source and really community oriented
  • Hacker's Diary
    The Hacker Diary is directly inspired by the English site Hacker News with a little more free software (because it's the DNA of Cozy Cloud)
  • Smashing Magazine
    Community followed by the daddy of DoubleSide Connectors
  • Hacks By Mozilla
    Very Mozilla and firefox oriented
  • Page Infinite Red
    So the Medium page that talks about design, dev, teleworking at Infinite Red. A lot of sharing of experiences around organization and management.
  • Daily JS
  • Ionic Framework
    *Ionic is based on Cordova, Cozy uses Cordova. It is only natural that we follow the evolution of the Ionic Framework in order to develop our applications and be inspired by it.
  • Towards Data Science
    Advised by Paul, our Data Sciencist
  • ** The Tech section of Numerama**

Newsletters 💌

  • ReactJsNewsletter : Subscribe
    Every week, a newsletter written by Tyler McGinnis with lots of React.
  • PonyFoo Weekly: Subscribe
    *One of our Dev Front Drazik's favorite newsletters.
  • Drazik US Dev Front : Subscribe
    *Also one of our Dev Front Drazik's favorite newsletters.
  • Weekend Reading Assaf Substack: Subscribe
    The weekly news bible in your inbox from Assaf Arkin recommended by Bruno.
  • Javascript Weekly : Subscribe
    Weekly compilation on JS.
  • Node Weekly : Subscribe
    A Node.js oriented newsletter
  • Developer by Mozilla : Subscribe

Podcasts 🎙

The Tech Leaders Podcasts: Listen
The Tech.Rocks Podcast, the community that brings together, connects and empowers the tech leaders of today and tomorrow who talk about management, tools and who may have the answer to your questions.
Anti-Fog: Listen
The podcast that deciphers the great technological revolutions.

Twitter accounts to follow 💎

For those who use JS/React, some Twitter accounts to follow for a lot of tips on JS and React development.

The conferences 🎥

  • JsConf : Watch
    JSConf is a series of JavaScript conferences held around the world
  • LevelupTuts : Watch
    840+ free video tutorials created, recorded, edited, published and maintained by Scott Tolinski
  • ParisJs : Watch
    The famous ParisJs conference founded among others by Bruno
  • The net ninja : Watch
  • Plenty of tutos on React...*

The tech documentation

  • Web (Javascript, CSS, HTML) : Watch
  • NodeJS : Watch

And of course the brand new Cozy documentation to help you develop a connector, an application or just contribute by sending us your comments.

Our development team reads your comments very carefully on our forum, on the internet where they can take the lead.

How else do you keep track of your technology news?

A good old rss? 😉
Drazik, Dev Front on Banks uses : and Christophe, the father of connected services prefers :

Want to contribute to Cozy?

Cozy is still an open source solution and you can also support us:

  • by joining our very active community on IRC
  • by sharing a piece of code for a feature or application that would make your daily administrative life easier (this is how the Cozy Cloud story began)
  • by proposing Cozy to your relatives, colleagues, friends... the new year is always the time to make good resolutions or to help those who want to protect their personal data and no longer be dependent on the GAFA. Together, we will be stronger.

Credit : Photo by Martin Adams on Unsplash