5 months after its launch, Cozy opens a marketplace: Cozy Store

5 months after its launch, Cozy opens a marketplace: Cozy Store

Cozy keeps growing with the launch of Cozy Store, were you will find all the applications and services for Cozy.

With Cozy Store, you will be able to find and install all the applications and services available in your Cozy. This is a new step towards a world with more control over the application and services installed in your Cozy.

A store to manage them all

The store was imagined to help you install new apps in your Cozy, like Cozy Contact that we just released in Alpha.

You can see the list of apps installed in your Cozy and install new applications made by Cozy or others.
At the time of this post, the following apps are available in the store:

  • New - Cozy Contacts: starting point of your deGAFAization, allow you to import all your contacts from Google;
  • Cozy Drive: save & share you files and sync all your devices (Mac, PC, Linux, Android & iOS),
  • Cozy Banks: allow you to gather in one synthetic view your banks accounts from more than 26 banks already available. Cozy Banks links automatically your bills to your expenses and allow you to open them in one click. It also inform you when you social security and insurance reimbursed you. You administrative headache just came to an end.
  • Cozy Photos: save all the photos from your smartphone and share them with your friends.

But as you will see, Cozy Store is not only about apps. You are also able to find and install all the services that will help you to import your data in your Cozy.

Bye bye Connectors, hello Services

Small revolution with the arrival of the Cozy Store, we decided to rename the “Connectors” to “Services” to make the concept more understandable to everyone.
From Cozy Store, you can now connect in 1 click to your Cozy more than 100 online services to import automatically your data (administrative documents, bills, online purchases, bank statements, etc). This data can then be linked via your Cozy applications, for even more simplicity.

New permissions for even more transparency

Cozy Cloud mission is to help everyone to get back control over their data. This includes a better understanding of which data is used by which third party. With this objective in mind, we created new permission screens. They are meant to be as clear and transparent as possible. It's only the beginning, we will improve them gradually to provide a level of information and simplicity never seen. #staytuned

Highlight on: our community services

All the community services on Cozy Store

We took advantage of our launch of Cozy Store to rethink the way we display our services. They now display more clearly the creator of the app or service, may it be Cozy Cloud or a member of our community.
You will be able to thank drazil, nicofrand or gara64 for their contribution to Cozy!
If you feel like becoming a contributor to Cozy, it is super easy to develop a service or even an application

Cozy Collect: a well deserved early retirement

Some of you will have noticed, Cozy Store and Cozy Collect are more than similar. That's normal, Cozy Collect was merged within Cozy Store. These two app will cohabit for 2 weeks, before Cozy Collect takes a well deserved retirement.

And does that change for my Cozy subscription?

Nothing, absolutely nothing. Cozy is still using a freemium business model. Cozy is still free for life, even with 2 new applications and more than 25 new services:

  • A Cozy hosted by Cozy Cloud with 5GB: 0€ for life
  • Self-hosting: 0€ for life
  • A new hosting provider soon: Gandi

Premium option are available to increase your storage:

  • With 50GB: 2€99 per month
  • With 1000: 9€99 per month

Cozy is still available on all your devices, from the web to your mobile via the App Store and Google Play.


And if you do not have a Cozy yet, do not hesitate to create one to get your hands on your digital life right now.